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I don't cry doing research....
I'm a *totally* normal historian.
Yup. *sniff*

Centuries Young Curses

Nature documentarians cannot intercede when they watch

as their subjects

ones they may have followed since birth

are hunted by predators

or starved by the chaos of the wild.

Nature is a cruel thing.

Historians have a similar fate.

We cannot reach through the archives

and stop you from your mortality

unless we pass into the world of fiction

or necromancy.

I watch

you, my proud eagle,

you who cheated death twice,

you who stared fear and doubt in the eyes,

and made poetry of its curses,

you who changed the world with your clumsy ink pen,

and you who were wheeled down the street, vacant eyed in your chair,

lost in wars long gone,

as a cackling hyena

stoops over you with her slim shadow which

defiles what I find sacred and profound

and she talks down to you as if you were a small child.

She could not hear me call her curses

from a century away.

I bite my lip,

I fight my tsunami of tears,

and the cries in my throat silent from my boom-mic

and I keep my camera steady,

pointed to the truth that devours my heart.

Nature is a cruel thing.

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