Cats Can See Ghosts
Cats Can See Ghosts  horror stories

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Based on something I read about Ancient Egyptian beliefs and cats...but you'll have to google that yourself :P .
Loving my unrequited ghost love poems

Cats Can See Ghosts

It all kind of sucks,

Our predicament, my dear.

I whisper sweet things that

You can only somewhat hear.

And you know so well that

I am the cold air

on the back of your neck

And the water that runs down your cheek

When you dream of me

in the shower.

So close are we that

I can stroke the throbbing strings

Of your living bleeding heart

With my fingers

And it's really quite nice for the both of us.

Look here, my love

Into the empty space on the wall

Where my eyes would almost

Certainly be watching proudly

over you and your ancient studies.

But, as we carry on to do our

Dutiful work as artists

I must ask...

Why do you allow

All of our closeness to be so

Shattered by that

Which only follows your steps

And makes demands

With the uneven expectations

That you'll make time for them?

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