70 Procrastinating Nights

70 Procrastinating Nights student life stories

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I don't have anything due. Nope. Not me! (Inspired by Scheherazade from 101 Arabian Nights).

70 Procrastinating Nights

Her two spouses, who were both

invested in her education, kept pestering her

to do her Excel Sheets and papers.

No poetry or sex until you at least read something

said the disheveled partner.

The tidy lover concurred and took away

horror movie privileges with them until

at least a page was written.

But both of these clever folks had their

one weakness and that was

her stories.

When she would turn her back

and go off to study

a cliffhanger was dropped

off of the line and hook of

a decent plot.

Her lovers never could say no.

There was plenty of horror

about being chased by a monster

who grows more powerful by the day.

There were tales of cursed lovers doomed to

think about Excel sheets

and thesis statements during sex.

A particularly terrifying story was one

about a looming threat that could not be

shaken off your shoulders no matter

how much you ran.

And after 69 nights of her distracting stories

the due date came and she was forced to

write up 69 nights worth

of Excel sheets and thesis statements

in one.

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