Sylvia and I
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limerenceWalking on the shoulders of giants.
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Sylvia and I

by limerence

Spread across the universe, Among the billions of stars,

A girl's soul swims through the darkness and the cold In search of a faultless lover. She's moved on you see, Away from all the earthly men whom from a distance seem too perfect to be real.

But like so many bodies before, Perfect shatters

Too quickly Too suddenly and The cold becomes colder and The shadows grow longer and Shelter becomes a nameless half empty New York cafe at 2 o'clock in the morning.

But not far from the main road, I stand watching

Waiting for her to speak Because even though nothing of her physical body has survived, The faint whispers of her voice Help me sleep.

Sylvia and I

Walk the same steps, breath the same air, look up and see the same night sky. I've grown accustomed of holding on to the night air, But I feel better knowing she holds on with me.

Once, she opened the sky and moved the stars

She looked down and spoke to me about loving the perfect to the point of imperfection.

Sylvia, If you can hear me now, am I projecting?

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