Fear Never-Ending
Fear Never-Ending thriller stories

limerence Walking on the shoulders of giants.
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This poem is an experimental piece consisting of 10 sentences.

Fear Never-Ending

Fear never-ending, becoming unnerving, breath shaking, never speaking, losing, pacing, never comforting, always crying, so much yelling, constant screaming, forever weeping, hands shaking,

palms sweating, sun setting, night engulfing, strong winds blowing, rain crashing, light shattering, self-losing, no thinking, too much thinking, too much worrying, nervously breaking,

negative thoughts consuming, feels like drowning, forever suffocating, lungs aching, pressure building, heads turning, whispers growing, lies telling, truth sheading, skin burning, eyes itching,

tongue-numbing, pressures pressing, world-ending events consume the four walls I live within. But only if they'd stop talking and consider the person crying, things wouldn't get this bad.

But when hate and fear and weakness consume one person, it affects everyone else too. I never thought I'd grow up to see so many heartbreaking events.

I never thought I'd grow up to be weaker than the person I was before. I thought I was past that.

How did we get here? How do we get out of it? I feel like the more I speak, the less they hear, and I am more and more in trouble of falling into black holes.

I need someone who will see that I need strength.

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