An Arabian Summer
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limerenceWalking on the shoulders of giants.
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An Arabian Summer

by limerence

I'm surrounded by the dead and dry, and

Like sand dunes and dust particles that settle uncomfortably on my Arabian eyelashes, I try to blink you away.

After so many years, we've settled comfortably

Like verticle lines on a natural structure; moved and brought together by patient winds.

But I find myself in the middle of an Arabian summer

Standing in front of the oasis you've depleted

With nothing but the blue sky above me

And unforgiving desert winds around me,

I am tired, dirty, and thirsty

I look for you between the lines of secrets and lies, and When I can't find you, I keep walking.

I want to tell you how much I love you

But it would take too long, and My mouth is already dry.

Walking alone suffocates me slowly.

Like breaths of sand that fill my lungs and settle so deep within me.

Forgive me.

But I did too much walking, and I think I'd better find somewhere cool to sleep.

And if in the morning I find you near,

We'll build a Petra and call it home.

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