Blue Star Flowers
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Blue Star Flowers

by lilyyjoy

They met when the blue star flowers were blossoming, as they did every year in the first week of May, and May only.

They’d fallen in love before the tickle of summer’s hot sun had even begun, and in those early summer nights, they both slept with smiles on their lips.

Then, just before one sunrise, after being apart only a day or two, she sat across from him in the meadow where the blue star flowers had grown, and lifted the can to her mouth.

e put the other can to his ear, pulling tight at the string between them and listened as she told him what the doctor told her. That early morning, they both cried.

He felt so useless. He could do nothing but hold her hand, as she sat in the chair that was too big for her and let the poison into her body.

He brought his computer and together they watched movies, and as autumn blew in, together they watched the tree’s leaves and her hair fall to the ground.

The winter came thundering after, and he wore gloves and scarves, and she had to wear a hat to keep her head warm.

With the winter solstice came the world’s longest night he had ever been through. During those weeks, ice bit into the earth, freezing all roots in the meadow solid.

“What if it’s too cold for the blue star flowers to bloom this year?” She asked him weakly, and he kissed her hand and said, “Don’t worry. The sun always comes out in enough time.”

But even after winter’s frost had tamed its bite, she was still so cold. The nurses brought blankets, and she was still cold.

She told him that she could feel the chill of death at her doorstep, to which he replied, “Don’t worry. The sun always comes out in enough time.”

And so, on the first week of May, he gathered a handful of blue star flowers and placed them on her doorstep, brushing his fingers across the numbers etched into the cold stone.

He knelt in the grass, and whispered, “It feels as though I have been in the night for too long. I don’t think I’ll ever see the light again.”

To which he could swear she replied, “Don’t worry. The sun always comes out in enough time.”

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