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lilyrose Night time poet 🦹🏼‍♀️
Autoplay OFF   •   9 months ago
Challenge of the day - ‘Increase’. Really enjoyed writing this one though think the pacing (possibly even the punctuation) might need some work ! 🤓

What Next?

If I need this and that Want most of and more Get bigger and better Increase and exceed Create a surplus Does it really have to be Greed?

Because I always assumed That the need to consume Was from need not greed But if I take a one moment to think Life’s flown by in a blink Of gifts and gadgets

And I don’t really care for the carefully selected Items I’ve collected They could go in flash End up in the trash I wouldn’t mourn there loss - It’s mostly just junk.

So If my need to buy and bulk and boast Is an unpleasant habit out of control What hole in my soul am I trying to console? And how little could I need if said no to this greed?

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