An Open Letter To Straight People
An Open Letter To Straight People gay stories

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An Open Letter To Straight People

by Lily Hamerling

How long have you been gay?

I've always been gay. No, but really how long?

When did you know you were gay?

I've always known. No, but really?

If you've never been with a guy how do you know you're gay?

Dear straight people these questions are annoying,



These questions

remind us we are not the social norm and that it is dangerous for me to hold my girlfriends hand in public, let alone kiss her.

These questions

are fueled by the mentality that created the closet because the closet was the safest place in a house that believed being gay was an act against God and that God is greater then love.

These questions

are the spawn of a mentality of people who believe we are an abomination and that God will shoot his righteous bullets into our backs to keep us down.

These questions burn our pride and bruise our psyche.

These questions invalidate our love and existence.

Why do I have to prove my love is authentic? Why do I have to prove my existence is authentic?

We know you're just curious

but these questions make us feel like aliens on our own planet.

So the next time you want to ask a gay person a question

ask us how our day was, because we are people too.

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