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lilyacostaNight falls again; Hunger kicks in.
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astrologically challenged.

By: L.A.

Spiraled Gemini

by L.a.

Awakening to myself is like a self-reflection of who I wish to be

Am I happy? Maybe

Do I want to be alive? Sure.

Does eating cure the pain? Oh but of course!

It's all nothing but a miserable schedule leading to my demise

One: Eat breakfast Two: Watch T.V. Three: Hope for a better life Four: Walk my dog Five: Go to sleep and start the day again

When will my mind be sane to not repeat what I've already done? This clearly feels like insanity.

Why can't this irritability fade and scars not be so visible?

I Never know which road to take, what direction to go, because thankfully my minds as twisted like a spiraled staircase leading nowhere.

Dear Gemini, be sane.

Please go to sleep

Hopefully, you'll get your mind right by tomorrow.

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