Out of this world.
Out of this world. depression stories

lilyacosta Your soul is your greatest jewel
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Internal battles on repeat

Out of this world.

Sometimes I feel in another dimension

One where, thinking leads me to endangering my mind

Where depressive suicidal warnings are bound to come true

Maybe they call it delusion or psychosis

Maybe it’s impulsion to defeat everything that defeats me

Just want to get away before it pinpoints my soul

I’ve been gone before, but I don’t have the courage to do it over

Sometimes my world turns black

For an instant my heart stops …

The only escape I can think of is no existence

Somewhere my worries are gone

Where nobody can control or manipulate me

Where I’m free from worries and the sadness and dismay of life

Where I’m blind from chaos

Sometimes I wish it was over,

Yet, I’m still here constantly fighting this feeling

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