Rhythm of the Blade
Rhythm of the Blade selfharm stories

lily10 Community member
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I won't feel this pain.

Rhythm of the Blade

Maybe when I wake up tomorrow I won't feel this pain

I won't remember careless words that come back over and over again like they're punching my throat

My stomach won't feel like it's being dragged down and my chest won't be compressed by invisible hands

I won't stare off, hearing everything in a loop I didn't ask for

My head won't feel like it's breaking apart by nothing

I won't feel like I'm being slowed by the gravity of blood

Maybe in a world just a bit more understanding, I wouldn't be wishing for the sight of my own blood

And I could control my hands when they move in a rhythm they've known for eight years

I could trust my emotions wouldn't be taken in at face value, only to be betrayed by those I care for

They wouldn't be thrown at my face when they ran

And the pain wouldn't make me wish for more of it

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