Up Up Here We Go
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lilpotatoSeeing what I see through my words
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The sky has no limits.

Up Up Here We Go

This is what I would call love where two individuals fall for each other.

No matter what would happen, no matter what comes their way, they always got one another.

Their love is strong, they are both capable of going through the suffering and pain.

No matter what the season, if it was going to be bright as the sun or pouring down hard like rain.

Always in the sky, raising our heads, flying in cloud nine.

I am lucky enough to keep her and finally someone to call mine.

One thing I will say is I really, truly believe that me and her got this.

Near or far, we will conquer it all as we write infinity on the middle of our wrist.

She is someone I will not give up for, someone who is worth living up for.

She is someone pure, beautiful, special and unique that she is someone I have not met before.

Up above the world so high, God gave me this girl to come into my life.

I was in the darkness that could not be seen until she came along and became the path of light.

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