Strange Love
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What a strange feeling it is, this platonic love.

Strange Love

What a strange feeling it is.

To be attached to someone so firmly,

yet hold no essence of romantic love.

We don't talk about loves like this.

The magic that hides in friendship.

The fact that I even need to differentiate

that "No, we aren't dating!"

and "No, I'm not interested in them in that way."

shows that as a society

we only see love

as something shared between a nuclear family

or partners.

Platonic love means so much more.

This person is not hanging on

simply because of a chemical reaction

they get when they see you

or the warmth of two pairs of lips pressed together.

They hold on for the same reasons we do.

The support feels eternal,

whether it be in kind words

or a warm embrace

in times of need,

to telling you what you need to hear

even when those words could hurt you.

We value their trust

as they value ours.

I could not tell you the number of times

that I've felt more comfortable in my best-friend's presence

than in the arms of a love interest.

So, while I may not have found my soulmate

At least in a romantic sense,

I know I've found my soulmate

in the platonic one.

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