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When I woke up Glitch was gone and there was a note on the fridge. Lilith when you wake up Miss Aubrey asked me to tell you to put on the clothes you wore yesterday. I washed them so they should be on the couch.

Story Of My Life (DC) 5

When I woke up Glitch was gone and there was a note on the fridge.

Lilith when you wake up Miss Aubrey asked me to tell you to put on the clothes you wore yesterday. I washed them so they should be on the couch.

See you later

P.S. I'll be at school till 5:00PM

My clothes like the note said were on the couch and I put them on and went outside. There wasn't anybody outside so I went back in and sat down. After about 5 minutes I heard a knock.




"Are you ready?"



I went outside and Miss Aubrey was there waiting. When she saw me she pointed to the car at the end of the road.

"That's my car. So let's go."


Miss Aubrey lead me to her car and we got in and went to her house.

On the way I was trying to picture what her house might look like, but I couldn't come up with anything besides an apartment and I knew she wouldn't live in an apartment.

Not if she could help it.

I was right she didn't live in an apartment.... She lived in a mansion. It was huge! Miss Aubrey and I get out and begin to walk to her door.

"So I got you some more clothes, and some other things."


"I got you a phone and a laptop, so while your here we can set those up. Do you know what time Glitch will be getting out of school?"

"Ya 5:00."

"5:00! He was gonna let you stay at that house by yourself until 5:00?!"

"I guess."

"Well I'm glad that you called me."


I didn't know what to say so I said nothing.

Miss Aubrey lead em to the door and we went in and her house looked even bigger on the inside.


"You like it?"

"Ya it's amazing."

"I know right! You could just die couldn't you? You're dying. Okay so you can come this way to the guest bedroom."

Miss Aubrey lead me to the guest bedroom, and it was full of bags and boxes. She must have bought a lot yesterday.

"So Lilith first things first, you need a phone. So I bought you one and I've already set it up and everything."


"I also got you a laptop and I set that up too."

Wow Miss Aubrey went through alot for me.


"Are you going to say anything besides Okay?"

"Ya when you ask me questions, that don't have the answer Okay."


Miss Aubrey showed me all the clothes and stuff she bought for me. I wasn't really paying any attention until she showed me the "uniform".

"Wait! The uniform for what?"

"Oh I got you enrolled in school. You know enough to be in class, right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Okay well anything you don't know you can just ask me, or Glitch."


"Yeah. The two of you are in all the same classes."


"I told them a little bit about you and they agreed to let the two of you share every class."

"Oh okay."

At 5:27 Glitch showed up an Miss Aubrey's house.


"Miss Aubrey why am I here?"

"Oh I brought you here to show you her new outfits."

"Ah! You made them already?"

"Yep I got them all made."

Miss Aubrey lead us to a new room. In it were 2 outfits on stands.

"This one is her Crew Look."

The outfit she call my Crew Look had a short shirt (Crop Top) that was all kinds of neon colors(Pink, Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Purple, ect.

) a pair of neon green suspender with a belt, and two mix match socks.

(One was the same colors at the shirt and the other was neon blue) The shoes were magenta colored Chuck Taylors(Converse, High Tops) and a pair of denim shorts.

Along with a figureless glove on the right and a knee pad on the left.

"Okay. So It's similar to my Crew Look."

"Yes, and this one is her DCI Look."

The DCI outfit was a short sleeve button upped purple pinstriped shirt,(The pinstripes were black) with black shorts and white stitching.

The shoes were purple and black Chuck Taylors (The part that usually black is purple and the part that is usually white is black) with purple and black mix match thigh high socks.

(One went up in a spiral while the other was stripped) It also had a pair of black suspenders and some weird thing that I hadn't seem before.

(It was black and went around both arms and connected in the back with a watch/unknown thing on the left side)

"So you made both of them similar to my outfits."



"Because I thought the two of you would look cute like that."

Glitch began to blush but tried to hide it.


"Oh right I also got her the school uniform."


"Yeah you wanna see it?"


"Okay let's go it's in the other room."

So we went back to the other room to see my new uniform.

The uniform was a deep blue short skirt and a white button up long sleeve with a deep blue bow tie and a pair of black Chuck Taylors. It also had a pair of black socks.

I looked over at Glitch and for the first time since he got here realized that Glitch was wearing his school clothes.

They looked the same as my uniform except he had on deep blue pants and a deep blue tie and his shirt was pulled up to his fore-arm.

"Yeah okay.... Only one problem how are we gonna bring all the stuff you bought her home?"

"Oh you can just take my car."

"Okay then lead the way because we have school tomorrow."


Miss Aubrey packed all the stuff into the car and let us ride home in it.

Once we got home and had all my stuff inside, Glitch sat down on the couch and I sat down on the floor.

"Why are you sitting down there?"

"Because you're sitting up there."

"You can come sit up here too you know."


But I didn't move I stayed on the floor.


"I'm fine with sitting on the fl-"

Before I could finish my sentence Glitch sat down next to me.

"Don't freak out so much, okay. Yer not gonna get left behind again."





Glitch didn't say anything he just layed his head down on my shoulder.

"I'm not gonna let anyone hurt ya."

There it was again that warm feeling. I have to figure out what it is.

After that Glitch fell asleep, and so did I.

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