Story Of My Life (DC) 4
Story Of My Life (DC) 4 romance stories

lilithmedina I write based on events in real life
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"Hey? You dead?" "Go 'way."

Story Of My Life (DC) 4

"Hey? You dead?"

"Go 'way."

"Wake up."

I look up and Glitch is staring down at me with wet hair. I sit up quickly and knock heads with Glitch.

He puts his hand on his forehead and I do the same.


"Ya ow! Ya slammed yer head into mine!"

"Sorry I wasn't thinking about it..."

"It's okay."

Glitch was looking away from me with a red face. I was trying not to laugh at him.

"Anyway, go shower."


I went to go shower. I of course knew how to shower My parents taught me before my dad died and my mom went crazy and dumped me on the streets.

Only problem was that I had no other clothes to wear. So I put on the underwear that Miss Aubrey bought me.



"I need clothes."



"I thought Miss Aubrey bought you stuff."

"She only got me underwear."

"Okay.... You can wear my clothes."


Glitch brought me one of his shirts and I put it on, and it was long enough that it went over my panties and I didn't need any of his shorts.

When I got out Glitch was already asleep on the couch. I went over to him and this time his hair was soaking wet. I walked off to get him a towel.

When I came back with the towel he was still just asleep, the only difference was that the puddle on the floor was now bigger.

I took the towel and began to wipe up the puddle. After I was done I looked up and Glitch was looking at me.


"Don't freak out."


"What were you doing?"

"There was a puddle on the floor a-a-and I was c-c-cleaning it u-up."

"Are you nervous?"

"A little..."


" 'Cause I thought you were asleep. And your not and-"

"Are ya afraid that I'll get mad at you?"

"Maybe a little."

"Don't freak out. I'm not going to dump you on the streets, Okay?"


"Now go to sleep."


I walked off to Glitch's room and layed down. I lived on the street with rats and that was the most afraid I have ever been... with his eyes locked with mine.

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