Outside the Window
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working on sensory and scenery

Outside the Window

Blowing wind has the tree limbs tap on my slightly cracked open window. Street light emerges illuminating my bedroom; Cold breeze dances around.

I lay there staring at the ceiling fan as spins round and round. I hear the sound of cars passing in between the chirping of crickets. Cracks and creaks echo through wooden floorboards under me.

Shifting and settling walls set in place surrounding, slowly fades as I succumb to slumber.

Sunlight shining through the window replaces the emerging street light. I lay in bed watching the fan spin around and around; Chirping of crickets replaced by the songbirds.

The house that once settled in for slumber now awakens again as the people that live inside come alive. Incomprehensible commotion fills the house quickly; Another morning begins.

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