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one missed call her world is black; he calls out for her.

He texted

The light of the phone lit up the wall above her nightstand as she fell asleep to the sound of the rain hitting her window pane. An unknown number popped up on the screen.

She wasn't awake to see what it read.

The next morning she woke up the alarm clock ringing.

8:01 flashing on the clock, she walks to the bathroom brushes her teeth and turns the water on in the shower steam starts to fill the room, Her body scarred and bruised she gets in the shower.

The warm water, breathing life into her as she slides down the wall, sitting in the water just letting it hit her body every drop a feeling relief.

She cleans up and gets out, she whips the steam from the mirror and looks at herself. She brushes her hair and walks out into her bedroom to put clothes on and grab her phone.

"1 missed call and 2 messages." She reads on her phone.

"Lynn I love you, please just give me the chance to prove that to you"~ unknown number

"Lynn, please call me when you get this something happened."~ Unknown number

The missed call was from the same unknown number.

she responded the number back "Who is this, how did you get my number?"

Thought bubbles pop up. the unknown number replies "it's john, Lynn."

Lynn's face drain of color, was her worst nightmare coming to life? Lynn's heart raced as she threw her phone; it hit the ground. It begins to ring the unknown number comes ups.

she runs over to pick it up " Who is this, why are you doing this to me..."

" I love you, Lynn." a familiar voice says on the other end of the phone.

"John?" her tone was instantly mournful. "How, how do you sound like him?. Why would you do this to me," she said as she panicked clutching on to the phone waiting for a laugh. Something that would show her this was a joke, A horrible horrible joke.

" why don't you come to see me anymore Lynn?" John's voice echoed with a sinister tone.

"This isn't real; this isn't real! why would you play a joke on someone like this" Lynn was appalled. She could feel the blood go cold in her body as she hung up the phone.

She grabbed the keys to her car and booked it out the door into her car she rushed to the cemetery. Ran up to his grave she hit her knees; out of breath and whimpering.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she said repeatedly "I'm sorry I stopped coming to see you, I want to move on. You need to move on" she sobbed weakly.

"AHHHH" she howled into the sky as the rain came down " why am I even here?" she cackled. She stands up as she prattles to the grave

"you're gone you have been gone for years now and some kid decided to make me a joke, I bet they are even here to see my reaction" "OKAY COME ON OUT" she yelled out in the graves around her.

"Please come out tell this is a joke" her voice breaks as she worries again with no one around her she sees everything around begin to spin the sound of thunder and lighting ring as

she blacks out and falls to the ground.

This is where they found her the next morning. In the cemetery next to the grave with a gun lying next to her. 1 miss call from an unknown number on her phone.

We so often forget that sometimes we can never explain what happens to us. Unexplained things can devour us until we find ourselves in the abyss of our minds clawing at our sanity.

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