Why are you here?
Why are you here?
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lilith19Wiccan. Belgium. ❤❤❤📝📝📝
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Help me please!!!

Why are you here?

Are you here to laugh at me.

If so, just leave!

If not, you can stay if you want.

Sooo. .Your still here.

Are you going to help me?

I have a lot of problems i dont want you to lose any time on me.

Im lili and i am a troubled girl.

And i hadn't had a great life.

A lot of that is to blame on my father.

And my mother isn't the easiest.

But i am the same im hard to understand you know.

My friends well they dont life nearby.

I dont understand how you can read this.

Because well....

Im not in your world im in what you call Limbo.

If you dont know what that is.

Its a universe where the spirits are of people with unfinished business.

How i got here is because i committed suicide.

I know i know its sad but like i said i had a bad life.

But apart from that i dont know why im here.

I dont know what my unfinished business is.

Wait i see something a staircase.

This wasn't here before.

Am i the only one who sees it?

Now i understand.....

I gotta go it was fun talking to you.

Before i go I'll tell you why i was here.

I needed someone to understand why i did what i did.

I need to go it is statring to vanish.

Thank you for setting me free.

I'll miss talking to you.

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