The ghost
The ghost stories

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Based on true experience from my life.

The ghost

First a little backstory: i believe in ghosts and i had been in contact with some. I can't see them but i can feel them. i've had bad experience but also really good one's. This is the story of my worst experience.

I was in my room alone and i was talking with my dead best friend Stan trough a ouija bord. he told me that there was someone other than him with me. i called the other ghost out but he would not answer me. I felt someone touching my shoulder it felt cold and full of hate. I jumped up and said goodbye.

A couple of days went by and the cold feeling never left me i hadn't talked again trough the bord. If i looked at the box i felt a deadly vibe. I couldn't sleep and eat it was like they had shut off my body. I asked my friend to stay with me. She asked me why i wouldn't go to my room. I explained everything and she said to me that i should talk to it.

I agreed when she told me that she would do it with me. When i tried to take the box it felt so hot it felt like it was on fire. I threw the box on the ground and looked at my hand expecting a burn. There was nothing my hand was not even red. My friend touched the box to and she felt nothing.

She took the board out and placed it on the little table in my room. I tried not to cry i felt this pain in my head and started to get nauseous. Than the planchette started to move agressifly i wanted to take my hand of but it was like i was glued on it. I wanted to say goodbye but i couldn't. He didn't want me to leave.

I tried to talk to Stan but he coudn't come trough. The bord spelt something but it wasn't clear. S-F-D-A-K-H it keped on going for ten minutes. Than it stoped and moved slower. D-O-N-T-G-O i asked it to leave me alone. I felt this pain in my heart it was presing on my heart. I screamed and it stopt. I tried to get his name but he didn't answer.

My friend was scared but amazed at the same time. I was so mad i screamed to him to say his name. D-A-N it moved so quick but i think it spelt Dan. I asked him to stop attacing me and he said no. I put al my strength in pushing it to goodbye. It worked i put the box back where it was before.

My friend slept over i started to feel better. Two days later i was back to who i was. I never heard or felt him again after that. But sometimes i feel that cold hand on my shoulder.

Again this happend to me. I know their are alot of people that don't believe. But i ask you to think twice before you touch a ouija board it is not a toy.

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