My best friend and i.
My best friend and i.  stories

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I'm in love with my best friend!!!

My best friend and i.

Here i am again in his arms.

He is so handsome and sweet.

I think im in love but im not sure.

I dont even know if he loves me.

He is my best friend i dont wanna lose him.

He is always there for me when i need him.

Oooh noo....

He just saw me staring at him.

Do i tell him that i want to be more than friend?

I want to but im scare as hell to tell him.


Is he staring at me now.

He just stood up.

The movie has ended and i need to go home.

He:"I dont wanna say goodbye to you Lili."

Did he just say that????

He:"Lili i want to tell you something for a while now."

He:"I'm in love with you for a while now but i didnt had the courage to tell you."

Did this just happen?

Me:"I'm in love with you to Jack."

Did i just say that?

*he kisses me on the forehead*

*i blush*

He:"I love you Lili."

Me:"I love you to."

Me:"I realy need to get home now."

He:"Can you come back tomorrow? "

Me:"of course."

Is this a dream well i surely hope not.


I wake up crying

(5 hour's later)

*church bell's*

Priest:"We are gathered here to say farewell to jack and to commit him into the hands of God."

I was to late to tell him how i felt about him.

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