How it all happened.
How it all happened.  friendship stories
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How it all happened

How it all happened.

*i wake up*

That was a weird dream.

Now in eating breakfast, i still am a bit confused.

Making myself ready for school.

First class is math.

Its easy for me but i try not to show it.

Then i have english.

School is so long.

I dont like it i dont have friends so not much to do.

Then you came along and everything went great.

Alex was your name you were new.

You came straight to me.

You thought i was interesting.

4 years later.

Our group got bigger.

Dylan was first he is such a sweetheart.

Then tom and thomas joint the group.

We are so close even a bomb can't separate us.

Alex and i are an item now.

I am the youngest and the only girl.

But i don't care that they are boys or 3 years older.

Now I'm 17.

And they are 20.

Everything went great until this point.

They are going to live together.

And i cant come with them.

Its on the other side of the country.

And my parents are sick.

you ask me to come with you but you know i can't.

I want to but im not going to leave my parents when they can't take care of themselves.

We're 3 years later.

Alex and i broke up before they moved because it was to hard to not see each other.

We lost contact along the way.

Tomorrow is the saddest day of my life....

Its my mom's funeral.

I lost my dad one and a half year ago couple of months after we lost contact.

Then go's the doorbell...

And you all are there.

I started crying i think i cried for a solid 50 minutes.

Explaining what had happened.

2 years has gone by.

I moved in with them.

And for the cherry on top.

Alex and i got married...

And in 6 months we are going to be parents.

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