An Extrovert's Journey: How to be Okay with Being Alone
An Extrovert's Journey: How to be Okay with Being Alone stories

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This is a blog post I wrote for SAVONBOX (, a luxury soap startup that I’m working for right now. Instead of writing another beauty/lifestyle post, I decided to write something personal this time. I'd like to share with you one of the most important realizations I've had recently.

An Extrovert's Journey: How to be Okay with Being Alone

by Lilian Chen

I hated being alone.

I'm 100% extrovert on Myer-Briggs scale. Throughout the day, I interacted constantly with people around me, and there was nothing I hated more than the feeling when I came home to an empty house.

Is there something wrong with me.

Could it be that I wasn't happy with who I was that I wasn't comfortable being with ONLY myself? Ironically, I thought I liked myself a little too much sometimes, yet I couldn't help but wonder.

During break, I went to SoCal to makeover grandma's house.

Since I love interior design, I was so absorbed in my work. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had spent 3 days essentially alone. In fact, I’d even go as far as admitting that I enjoyed it.

I was shocked. What changed this time?

I was unhappy with something--it wasn't myself but what I did--class, lunch, study, dinner, sleep... I wasn't doing things that made me I forget time and stopped feeling lonely.

The realization...

when I was alone, I wasn’t just hanging out with myself; I was also hanging out with the activity. And for me to be truly happy, I needed to like both myself and what I did.

I realized I need to do more of what I could enjoy alone.

Those are passions. Although I still prefer companionship over solidarity, I believe that slowly but eventually, I will enjoy spending time alone much more, now that I’ve finally learned how to.

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