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lildancer03aspiring writer// new to this :)
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White or black---which one was she?


White city, White rules

White girls, Black skin

She looked around and wondered

If she'd ever fit in

Among her white-tulip friends

She stood out like a rose

She was black from her Jordans

To the tip of her nose

Words like "Ghetto" and "Respek"

Weren't said aloud

She could say them at home,

But not with this crowd

She liked herself at home

And she liked herself here

But when her two worlds collided

There was too much fear

Her white friends were nice----

---At least, to her face

But they told her they didn't

See color or race

Her black friends were normal

When playing basketball

But when they saw her in the street

They pretended not to know her at all

She hated switching

From black then to white

But what else could she do?

When being white was too "uptight"

And being black was too ghetto

Or so she'd been told

So no, she kept them seperate

No more acting bold

But one day she could live

With the injustice no longer

The death of her friend---

But it only made her stronger

She built up the courage

To stand up to the Hate

She set her eyes on her goal

And kept looking straight.

She said, "Yes I am black,

And yes, they are white

But in the end we are HUMAN

So let's end this stupid fight."

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