The Darkness
The Darkness  stories

lilboitobiFrench Flies are the best Flies!
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This is the story on how my life used to be... and how my best friend changed it.

The Darkness

I lived in a constant darkness all the time....

There was this man he would pull me into the darkness he carried with him.

I would run and run till I reached the light again.

He would be waiting for me. He would drag me right back in.

This time it was different, he pulled me farther than he ever had.

I didn't know where to run.

I ran blankly not knowing if I was going farther into the darkness or running towards the light.

Then I heard the voice. The voice of someone special.

I ran towards the soft cries. Faster and faster.

Then I saw the light and I saw her.

I ran towards her and gave her the biggest hug in the world.

She smiled and held out her hand.

I took it and we ran from the darkness together.

I never saw the man again nor the darkness that followed him. I was finally truly happy! Thank you <3

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