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lilboitobiFrench Flies are the best Flies!
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When I was young I thought my father was normal.... I thought every father drank till he couldn't fucking stand... I WAS WRONG!


My dad would drink and drink more than 5 bottles a day since I was a baby. Growing up as a child I thought it was normal, I thought every dad did it.

My mom broke up with my dad when I was 4, my dad let her live with him till she got her own house. Eventually my dad took me and my younger brother away from Virginia to Pennsylvania. My mom had filed for a kidnapping.

She won the battle and moved to PA. She still lived with my dad because she had no money for a house of her own.

My mom quickly moved from his house because he sexualy abused her. She went to live with her mom and her girlfriend. That was when it was 50/50 (each parent gets the kids half the time).

During the time of it being 50/50 when I was 7, mind you 7 years old, my father did something. He didn't do his usual get drunk.... he did something much worse.

He touched me in a place where he shouldn't have when I was supposed to be sleeping. I tried to get him to stop by moving but he didn't instead he said, "You're ticklish huh?"

I was scared to do anything so I went back to sleep. I never told anyone till now and now I'm 12. I don't know why. I was blinded..... blinded by the fact that I thought he'd change... He never did! I don't see him anymore.

Now I'm happy spending my time with my family and my best friend! The people who I love most of all and the people who love me!

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