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don't let the zombies eat your heart out, baby


it's raining outside under a dark blue 6pm sky, a sky that looks like it knows no pain. well I just want to stand out in the garden, and get high on the rain.

I'll braid white thread into my hair, tie it tight, watch them come over the horizon, won't go down without a fight.

don't let the zombies eat your heart out baby, give them a kiss goodbye, an axe to the chest, no reluctance or even a “maybe.”

if this is what it feels like to die then I want this, I want to go down swinging and screaming, and I won't rest until I see the look on your face, bloody and dirt-caked and beaming.

so what if our eyes are a little bloodshot? so what if we have dust under our fingernails, and screws holding the door shut, food rations and rain collected in muddy pails.

we're alive, and that's all that matters. we put up a good long fight, didn't we? now lay down in the backseat, it won't be long. after all, I always said I'd take you to the sea.

darling, slow dance with me to wavy gravy. it has a funny title, I know, but it's a beautiful song. I'll spin you round till the record ends, and I'll wish that it was just a little more long.

come now, the waves are calling. saltwater is good for those wounds of yours, after all... when I look at you sometimes, I never thought that it would be this easy to fall.

after all, who loves during the apocalypse? don't apologize, love. just don't let ‘em get to you; you'll be out of this place, this ocean floor, in a day or two.

what you don't know is we both got bitten. you didn't even notice as we drifted in this boat, and the problem is that I only had the things to make one tiny vial of antidote.

so it looks like I'll be leaving you here, for I always said I would take you to the sea. but it looks like I'm the one who'll have to stay here. don't worry, you'll finally be free.

for love stories never end well in an apocalypse, and in the end, I suppose, ours inevitably had to come to an eclipse.

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