The Meaning of Love
The Meaning of Love sweet stories

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What is Love?

The Meaning of Love

Love means to never give up on something or someone even if it is hard.

Love means to give up something for someone else.

Love means to never stop showing kindness.

Love means that once you've fallen, you only keep falling harder like the silvery white winter snow.

Love means nothing is frosted over, you always have the freedom to move on.

Love means not caring about the outside, only the inside.

Love means letting someone go if it makes them happy.

Love means to have strong compassionate feelings for someone or something.

Love means a limitless, totally applicable care for someone.

Love means to create an idea, a falsehood we blind ourselves with to help us from not pulling the trigger to end it all.

Love means there is no definition for it is too strong to describe.

Love means to always have hope, even in the darkest times.

Love means to give someone something and when they break it you don't get mad

Love means to apologize for someone when you didn't do it.

Love means to want to give the world to the girl/guy you like.

Love means you find someone you want to spend time with no matter the circumstances.

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