Oh Little Girl
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Oh Little Girl

Oh little girl, You walk on clouds, You’re floating through this life

You’re filled with light, Exuding grace, A warmth that holds you up

Oh little girl, You’re in control, A heady rush of power

You reach new heights, With every drop, Nothing can touch you here

Oh little girl, You’re getting cold, You don’t know what to do

Your brittle strength Has snapped in two, You’re lost within your clouds

Oh little girl, You’re fading fast, There’s little left of you

You gave your all, It’s not enough, You’ll never make it there

Oh little girl, You never meant To reach this height of loss

You walked on clouds Until it rained And now you just can’t stop

Oh little girl, With every pound, You know you’re losing life

Your darling Ana helped you through, You want her by your side

Oh little girl, You think you’re trapped, You know you have a choice

One day you’ll wake And choose to eat You’ll take the harder path

Oh little girl, So brave and scared, You’ll fight and you will fall

You’ll rise again And fight again And know it’s all worthwhile

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