Memories pt.1
Memories pt.1 stories
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A look back at how I came to be here

Memories pt.1

I don’t remember when I first gave myself to you

I remember realising that you had accepted me, that I was yours; we were sat behind the cardboard box school called a classroom. It was a bright day, not hot, but warm enough.

And as I looked at our friends, smiles on their faces and lunches in their hands, a warm glow suffused me; I realised I was yours, and you were mine.

We were inseparable in those days, no one found without the other.

Those times were the best of times, the euphoria, the flutter in my stomach when I saw you, oh I loved you, and I knew you loved me.

I don’t remember how we ended, or even why. I grasp back, desperately searching for the memory, but it’s not there. All I know is that I was the one to leave you.

I don’t remember the decay of our kingdom, I remember the palace in rubble, and I know it was all down to me.

Do you know why I left you? Why I cut off the beautiful time? I wish I could remember, I ache with words unsaid. I know, you know, that if I could, I’d go back and change the past.

I know too, it’s not enough, and that we never can undo what lies between us; you and I.

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