Is it my fault?
Is it my fault? stories
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lil_miss_millieCommunity member
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Is it possible to forgive yourself for your own mental torment?

Is it my fault?

Is it my fault when I stumble and fall? I know the hole is there, you see, but somehow it creeps up on me.

Am I being selfish when I let my feelings flow That bitter pain of years, in bile, blood and tears

Are these cracks of my own making? Did I tear us down? Did I plunge us into darkness Just to give me light?

Am I the one to blame for the thoughts within my head? Could I have stopped this awful need This drive to just be dead

I see what I am doing, I know it’s hurting you And sitting here I’ll tell you, it’s painful for me too

I don’t know why I can’t let go I don’t know how I’m trapped I don’t know why I’m doing this I don’t know if it’s my fault

I don’t know how to frame that thought For if this pain is down to me If I could stop, could just be better If I could halt this torture now, and yet I sit, and don’t

I don’t know if I could ever forgive myself for that

Is it my fault?

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