An overdue “thank you”
An overdue “thank you” mental illness stories

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A letter to my group therapy & how much it has helped me. ‘Therapy’ is too often a dirty word, when really it’s something to be proud of; working through all the emotional baggage you carry around, facing down the parts of you that you can’t stand and embracing them; that’s true strength

An overdue “thank you”

Papers crumpled in my hand, Legs tucked up tight and neat, A nervous laugh escapes my mouth, My face is flushed with heat.

They’re asking what I’m feeling now, My fear begins to grow, A word or two is all I’ll say; Can’t tell what I don’t know.

Papers crumpled in my hand, Don’t want to tell my thoughts. I’m worried you’ll think less of me, With all my ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’.

I thought nothing would help me, Thought this was all I’d know. And yet as every week goes by, My hope begins to grow.

Papers crumpled in my hand The words upon them swim, I can’t make sense of what they say, My eyes filled to the brim.

A tear tracks it’s scorching path, As I admit my shame; And yet in every eye I see, Not a hint of blame.

Papers crumpled in my hand, Sit with half a smile, Non-judgemental, validate; Oh it’s been a while,

Since I’ve felt so safe and calm, Since I could just be, Somehow, and I don’t know how, You’ve taught me to be me.

Papers crumpled in my hand, People all around, It’s strange how quickly strangers, Become a friendly sound.

It’s strange the paths we all have trod, How different each bright soul. Eclectic mix of people; We somehow built a whole.

Papers crumpled in my hand, They flutter to the floor, Look down at them and smile, Don’t need them anymore.

I’m not a perfect person, Don’t have it figured out, But these few months have changed me; I’ll make it. I’ve no doubt.

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