All about me - AMA Answers
All about me - AMA Answers stories
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Thanks @awkwardalien @stevewaldrop and @sydney for your questions

All about me - AMA Answers

Does my writing ebb and flow like the tide, or more like a river? Definitely a tide; it’s almost always in the evening, and when I’m feeling a strong emotion. Sometimes I’ll write poem after poem, and sometimes my emotions won’t form words however much I want to. I think of it like a wilful puppy!

What inspires me to write? You guys and this website!! I don’t think I’d have ever gotten into it otherwise. And aside from that, it’s the healthiest outlet I’ve found!

Who do I idolise? You want the full list?! 😉 A lot of people, particularly strong women and those who speak out about mental health; there are two women at work who have overcome the same demons I’m fighting & this they are my inspiration. It’s people who change the world with small acts of compassion

If I could meet any cartoon character who would it be? I’m drawing a blank on cartoons (all my childhood favourites clash too much with my feminist adulthood!) so I’m going to cheat and go for a book character; Sara Crewe from A Little Princess. I’ve always loved that book and admired her strength of character and kindness

If I could talk to myself 5 years ago, what advice would I give? I’ve thought about this one a lot. If you’ve read much of my writing you’ll know I’ve been through a tough time, and much of it within my ability to change if I just knew how. And it has been painful, it still is. But I don’t think I’d tell my younger self to change anything.

Every mistake and every awful moment has got me where I am now. And that is by no means a great place, but I think I’m a better person because of it all, and I have met some amazing people on the way who I know will always be in my heart, and hopefully my life. So I think all I’d tell myself is to keep going, even the darkest nights have to end.

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