My Seven Bodyguards Chapter 8; The awakening
My Seven Bodyguards Chapter 8; The awakening bts stories
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My Seven Bodyguards Chapter 8; The awakening

Ace finally woke up after 2 and a half days. He was really confused because he didn't really remember a lot from the fight.

But once he saw me his eyes went wide but then his expression softened and he smiled at me. All the boys kind of looked jealous when I smiled back at him relieved that he was ok.

Y/N: Your finally up.

Ace: I guess. So..... What happened?

Rm: You got hurt trying to save me in the fight almost 3 days ago. You haven't been awake so Y/N has been taking care of you.

Ace: *Blushes and looks away* O-oh.

Y/N: Does everyone have to blush so much when they find out that I did something for them!? It's not like im some goddess or somthing!

Ace: S-sorry.

Y/N: *sighs and smiles* No, it's fine. I'm just glad your finally awake.

Ace: Me too. Um... St.Van.

St.Van: *runs up next to him* Yes!?

Ace: *Whispers* I'm hungry.

Y/N: Oh Jin can you give me that blood bag next to you?

Ace: WAIT WHAT!? You know!?

All of the boys nodded. Ace looked at me from head to toe. Still looking really confused.

Y/N: I'm also a vampire. Well i'm actually a lot of things but so far the only thing that has emerged is my vampire form.

Ace: *stares at me* What? Well what else are you then?

J-hope: Well she is a Demon, Vampire, Wolf, Angel, and a Mermaid.

All of the boys jaws dropped except for J-hopes. I just smiled at there reaction shaking my head. Jin looked at me with this weird look in his eyes, his eyes turning a purplish green.

My mother told me about different eye colors and what they meant but for some reason I couldn't quite place this color. I knew it but I just couldn't remember what is was.

Suddenly Suga smacked him in the head and his eyes turned back to normal.

Jin: OW! What was that for!?

Suga: You know better. Your the oldest.

Jin: Yah! I know but you know it's hard to control. *Rubs his head glaring at him*

Y/N: Um... What?

Suga: Nothing but if his eyes turn that color again. Promise me you will get away from him. I will be better for you if you don't find out what happens if someones not around to stop him.


Y/N: *laughs* I will never be scared of you.

Jin: Ok good... Wait what is that supposed to mean!?

Y/N: uhh.. Your not scary duhh.

Jin: *Scoff* How dare you say i'm not scary, I'm very scary! Your the one that isn't scary!

I took a step towards him and he jumped back with a yelp and a frightened look on his face .

Jin: Ok, I take it back your scary. Don't hurt me. I'm to beautiful to die. *Covering his face*

Everyone started to laugh. Jin still had that look on his face like he was still worried that I was gonna hit him even though I was laughing my ass off.


Tae: Y-Y-Your s-s-scared of my s-s-sister. *He said in between his laughing*

Jin: N-No I'm not I just don't want to make her feel bad.

While he was talking I snuck up behind him and was waiting for him to say exactly what I thought he was gonna say.

And he did so I nodded at Tae, I jumped to the ceiling and was hiding in the corner of the room right above Jin.

Tae: Oh really then why don't you figure out where she is now then.

Jin: Huh? *He looked over to the spot where I was before and His eyes widened in panic.* Y-Y/n!!?? W-Were are you?

Tae: have fun hyung. *They all left even Ace who was now feeling a lot better.*

Jin: W-wait don't leave me!!

He was looking right and left really fast, wow he really is scared of me it's kind of cute. He was slowly walking around the room looking for me.

Right when he was below me I quietly slid down the wall right behind him. He turned around just as I tackled him.


Y/N: Holy shit you really are scared of me. *Laughing*

Jin: I am not! Get off!

Y/N: Not till you admit that you really are scared of me.


Y/N: Fine. * I raised my hand to smack his cheek.*

Jin: OK! YES I'M AFRAID OF YOU!! DON'T HIT MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!!! *Covers his face again*

Y/N: *giggles* Ok, But why are you scared of me?

Jin: Your really strong and when you get mad your scary as hell.

Y/N: Ok well you could have just said that instead of causing all of this trouble. * I kissed him on the cheek and got off him*

Jin: Yah!!! you need to quit doing that!!!

Y/N: Why?

Jin: It makes my face turn really red!!

Y/N: Well in that case i'm not gonna stop. *evily giggles*

Jin: You just love to see me suffer don't you?

Y/N: Yep. Now get off the floor and lets go cook super.

Jin: Ok!

I helped him get up and we both walked to the kitchen. All the boys were sitting at the table and talking once we got in there they all looked at Jin and were trying really hard not to laugh.

Jungkook let a little laugh out and Jin looked at all of them really confused.

Jin: What? What is so funny?

They all started to laugh and all their laughs were really adorable. I started to laugh as well.

Jin: WHAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!????

Ayno: W-we could h-hear y-your scream all t-the way out h-here.*He was laughing so hard he could hardly breath. His chair fell backwards and he was about to fall but I caught him.*

Ayno: WOAH!!...... Oh heh, thanks Y/N

Y/N: Yep, Next time don't laugh so damn hard. *I was chuckling while pushing his chair back into place.*

Jimin: Ok well are you two making super tonight or am I making super.

Jin: YAH!! You are not going to cook you are terrible at cooking!!

Jimin: I am not Y/N has eaten my cooking. It's good right Y/N?

Y/N: It's actually not bad. I really like his Kimchi.

Jin: But but, What about the Kimchi I make you? Don't you like that?

Y/N: Yes Jin, I do but I also like his to.


Y/N: *Sigh* I like them both evenly.

Jin: But I have always made it for you. For years now you should like mine better.

Jimin: She likes to try something new so what if she likes mine better.

Y/N: QUIT ARGUING!! Jin sit down at the table i'm making dinner tonight!!

Jin: But I thought that we were making it together...*Pouts*

Y/N: I changed my mind and I also have a surprise for dessert tonight so STAY IN HERE!!

Everyone: OK!

I left to the kitchen and started to cook I decided to make Army stew it's a stew of sausages, Spam, American cheese, instant noodles, tteok, and assorted vegetables.

It was really cold tonight and I thought that maybe some stew would be nice and also its not really time consuming.

It's May day today (May 1st), I read Ayno's mind and he was kind of sad because no one remembered his birthday. So I decided to make him a cake.

Y/N: AYNO! *Yells from the kitchen*

Ayno: YES!?





All of the boys started to laugh and I heard Jin yell at them to shut up. God he is such a kid.

J-hope: HEY Y/N! *Yells from the dinning room*




J-hope: YES, WHY!?


J-Hope: SORRY Y/N!

Ayno: *Walks into the kitchen* Why did you want me?

Y/N: I just want to get to know you a little better. While the stew cooks I wanted to ask a few things about you.

Ayno: Oh ok. Ask away.

Y/N: *I smiled widely* Ok, So what are your favorite colors?

Ayno: Black and darkish blue.

Y/N: Ok, well what do you like better? Strawberry or chocolate?

Ayno: I love strawberries!

Y/N: Really me too! Jin always makes stuff and adds strawberries to it because I love them so much!

Ayno: Really? Wow thats awesome!

Y/N: Yeah. Well the stew is almost done you should go sit back down we can talk more later! *Smiles*

Ayno: Ok but let me carry the plates and stuff in to help you.

Y/N: Ok there already on the roller there. Thanks Ayno.

Ayno: Yeah no problem.

He left and I brought out the stew and poured some stew for all of us. Jin was smiling like a psycho and to be honest it was kinda scary.

Y/N: Uh...... Jin?

Jin: Yeah?

Y/N: Why are you smiling like a crazy person?

Jin: No reason i'm just really proud.

Y/N: Why because I can make stew?

Jin: No because you actually payed attention to know how to make stew.

Y/N: You do remember I don't have to give you dessert right?

Jin: AHH! No I want dessert!!

Y/N: Then zip it and eat your stew.

Jimin: WOW! Y/N this is amazing!

Y/N: Oh!, T-thank you Jimin!

Jimin: Why is it that every time I speak everyone looks so surprised?

Suga: Well your normally really quiet and you have been being really nice lately which is really weird for you.

Jimin: I'm not always quiet and mean!

Tae: Yeah, you kind of are *Says with his mouth full*

Jimin: You do remember that i'm your roommate right?

Tae: See your being mean again!

Y/N: Guys enough! All he was doing was complementing me it's not that weird. I'm done so now i'm going to to make dessert.

Once you finish go to the living room and watch a movie or something Just DON'T COME IN THE KITCHEN!! *Yells as i walk into the kitchen*

Jin: But....

Y/N: No but's stay out of the kitchen or no dessert!!

All of them: Fine...

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