My Seven Bodyguards Chapter 2; The intruder
My Seven Bodyguards Chapter 2; The intruder bts stories

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Y/N is almost 20 but she has no idea that she has powers and that all of her bodyguards are fighting for her heart. And when Y/N is kidnapped all of them show there true selves to the enemy to get her back. But Y/N meets another group of boys and they are all falling deeper and deeper in love with her. Who will she pick?

My Seven Bodyguards Chapter 2; The intruder

As I was walking to my lesson with Yoongi I felt like I was being followed. I turned to the side a little bit and looked out of the corner of my eye slightly smirking at who I saw.

I kept walking as he was getting closer to me, he was going to try and jump on me but just as he jumped I moved out of the way and he fell on the floor.

Y/N: Good morning Tae Tae *I smiled at him*

Taehyung: How can you always tell that i'm there?

Y/N: I really dont know but I just get a feeling that someone is there.

Tae: Y/N? How old are you again?

Y/N: 19, turnign 20 in a few months, why?

His eyes widened and all the color in his face disappearing.

Y/N: Tae are you ok?

Tae: Um... I have to go talk to RM ill see you later Y/N bye.

Y/N: Ok... Bye.

Ok?... That was odd but what ever I need to get to music before Yoongi comes looking for me, it's never good when im late.

~3 minutes later~

Y/N: SUGA!! I'M HERE!! *I yell to scare him*


Y/N: I know that's why I did it *I say sitting down and just smiling at him*

Suga: Ok lets just start our lesson already.

~Two hours later music was finally over. ~

I went to my dance lesson with J-hope, it was really fun because he allowed me to do my own dance for once but as i was dancing I felt something change inside me.

My hearing became more sharp and i could feel something coming towards us.

The next thing i knew my eyes changed and I could see a bullet coming straight towards J-hope and with speed I have never had before I ran to him and immediately pushed him to the ground

and laid on top of him covering his head along with mine.


J-hope had no time to react as i grabbed him and held him down on the ground. The window shattered sending a thousand little shards of glass everywhere.

The rest of the boys came barging in as soon as they heard the commotion.

All the boys except J-hope: ARE YOU OK!? WHAT HAPPENED!?

J-hope was still on the ground eyes wide with shock.

I lifted him up and told the boys to check the perimeter "There is an intruder" as I said that they immediately changed from worried to pissed off and ready for a fight.

They all ran out of the castle and once they were gone you ran with your new found speed to J-hopes room and laid him on his bed. He had got a lot of little cuts from the shards of glass.

J-hope: Y-Y/N? I need to tell you something.

Y/N: What is it? *looking at him worried*

~J-hope POV~

J-hope: Do you remember when your parents were killed last year?

Y/N: Y-Yes why?

J-hope: Did they tell you anything before they died?

Y/N: N-No why? What is going on why am I all of a sudden able to move so fast? Why can I hear somethings that are miles away? And why can i see through things and see things really far away?

J-hope: Y/N you have powers. You are the strongest being out there and a lot of people want you dead.

Y/N: What? Wait then what am I then?

J-hope: you are a mix of a lot of things, a demon, Vampire, Wolf, Angle, and a Mermaid.

Your powers are telekinesis, dark magic, invisibility, ability to freeze time, posses people, super speed, super sight, super hearing, power absorption, flying, super sense,

elements and your most powerful is indestructibility. Your demon and angle animals are a Fenrir and a Pegasus. You also have the mimic ability, where you can copy other peoples powers.

~Just as J-hope finished explaining it to me all the boys rushed in to see if we were ok~

All of them except J-hope: ARE YOU OK!?

Y/N: Were fine what did you find?

Jungkook: We saw someone running away but the way he ra-...

Suga: He got away.

He gave a death glare to Jungkook and Jungkook looked away with and scared expression.

J-hope: Guys can you leave me and Jin for a minute?

We all nodded I packed up all of my first aid things quickly bandaging his leg and get up to leave.

I closed the door behind me and I was thinking about what just happened, I still dont fully understand what going on.

Its to much to take in at once and everything is just swirling around in my head.

I started to get dizzy and soon blacked out, I could hear the boys yelling in the background but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't wake up.

???:Y/N!!!!!! BOYS GET HERE NOW!!!


As I slowly open my eyes I noticed that I was in my room. I was surprised when I looked over to see Jin sitting in a chair next to my bed with his head down sleeping.

I smiled at his cuteness and shook him to wake him up.

Y/N: Jin... Jin... Wake up sleepy head. * I shook him one more time and then he woke up looked at me. When he realized that I was awake he then jumped up and gave me a hug*


Y/N: *slightly laughs* Yeah what happened??

Jin: As you left J-hopes room you fainted as soon as I noticed I ran to you and picked you up brinigng you to your room. The boys stayed the night but had to leave to search the grounds again.

I told them I would stay and watch over you.

Y/N: Oh ok well i'm gonna get dressed we have our cooking lesson today. * I smiled at him*

Jin: Are you sure your ok. You fell pretty hard. *looking at me with a worried expression*

Y/N: Yes, i'm fine I just want to get something to eat first.


He yelled and it made me jump. I just looked at him and started laughing.

Y/N: Your so weird, but I am pretty hungry so if you dont mind could you make me some food?

Jin: Of course I already have something in mind to make for you. *He smiled at me widely*

Y/N: Ok well ill see you in 10 minuets *I smile at him*

I left to take a shower and turned on my morning playlist as I did my routine.

~5 Minuets later~

Y/N: Ok now to pick an outfit. * I wore a short white dress that went up just above my knees. I did my makeup and looked at myself in the mirror, smiled and left my room.*

~In the kitchen~

Y/N: *I got to the kitchen and saw Jin working on cooking my food and decided to scare him* BOO!

Jin: YAHH! Y/N! Ah you scared me that wasn't funny!!

Y/N: BAHAHAHAHA! That was hilarious. *Holding my stomach laughing*

Jin: Ok anyways I have your food ready *rolls his eyes with a smile*

I sat down and Jin was waiting for my reaction I smiled at him.

Y/N: Jin quit staring at me and come sit and eat with me, you made the food you should have some to.

Jin: Oh um... Ok

He walked to the seat next to me and i handed him some silverware and we started to eat.

~3 Hour later~

Jin: Princess Y/N?

Y/N: Yes Jin? And please just call me Y/N.

Jin: Ok *smile* Are you going to sleep soon?

Y/N: Yes, I'm getting ready to go to bed now why?

Jin: Nothing I was just wondering. Sleep well princ- I mean Y/N.

Y/N: Good night Jin.

~1 Hour later while everyone was asleep~

I was sleeping when all of a sudden someone picked me up from my bed and tied a blindfold around my eyes gagging me. They then started to dragging me out of my room and to the main door.

I could only walk with them because I was in shock and didn't know what to do.

I could tell we were almost to the door cause I could feel a little change in temperature and I was finally coming back to my senses.

In training we were shown how to get the cloth or whatever was in your mouth out so you could breath.

I quietly got the cloth out of my mouth and I knew that the only one close enough to me was Jimin but he always has been a hard sleeper but I took the chance anyways.

Y/N: JIMIN!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!

I screamed at the top of my lungs which surprised the man at that point I hear all the boys running out of there rooms and yelling my name to try and find me.

The man grabbed me and covered my mouth with a cloth I tried to hold my breath but accidentally took a breath breathing some in. A few seconds later I blacked out.

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