I FLY 2 (PT 4)
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Benjamin visits his friend Charli in New York and gets stuck with him because of the weather and finds out his true feelings for Charli is much more than a simple friendship.
Soundtrack: "Talk me Down" by Troye Sivan

I FLY 2 (PT 4)

"I'm home!" Charli sang as he came in the door kicking off his shoes and seeing an disappointed look on my face.

"What's wrong aren't you happy to see me?" he asked tying his long hair back.

I shook my head "I was wondering why you didn't tell me about your secret girlfriend"

He looked at me like he didn't have any clue of what I was talking about "Girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend, what are you talking about?"

"I found condoms and a dildo in the bathroom drawer; whose are they?" I questioned

His puzzled look turned into a look of embarrassment "Um...I think its time to talk" he said putting his bag down on the floor "Come sit" he said gesturing me over to the couch.

He stood while I sat; he took a few deep breaths like he was nervous about something before he sat down.

"Boba...you know you can tell me anything right? What has you so on edge?" I said reassuringly

"I know...but this is a really bad secret...no one knows..." he said; his voice starting to crack

Did I overstep? "Boba I'm sorry whatever it is you don't have to tell me alright?" I said leaning in to give him a comforting hug but he instead pushed me away. I am so confused right now...

"Boba wha-"

"Benjamin I'm gay." he stated and looked at me with shame on his face for himself; his eyes teared. I didn't say anything, I just hugged him where he broke...he broke and I felt it.

I guess telling me meant he didn't have to hide anymore.

"Benjamin I am sorry" he whimpered gripping my shirt and hiding his face; like when we were kids, I just held him tighter rubbing his back in circles.

Sure I was in shock but I don't feel any different as far as the way I'm going to treat Boba because I care about him and want him to be happy. "Boba you don't have to be sorry.

Don't be sorry, be you" I said.

We sat there for a while until he calmed down enough for me to talk with him; he wiped his eyes and smiled at me "Thank you for never changing Benjamin" he said with a slight laugh of relief.

I nodded "Your my best friend and will always be my best friend nothing is going to change. So, if you don't mind me asking...when did you like, find out that you felt this way?" I asked.

He shrugged "Well...after I moved away I met this guy and we hit it off...

I just sort of developed feelings for him that weren't of a relationship that you would have with a friend" he began "Then one night we were hanging out on the balcony smoking and he lit

my cigarette then he kissed me, and that's when I realized that I was gay"

"Well, what happened? Are you two still together?"

Charli shook his head "He left me and went on and started dating some girl saying that he was just doing me for fun; that he wasn't gay and it was all in the heat of the moment"

"Aw damn, he didn't deserve someone as awesome as you anyway" I said patting him on the shoulder giving him a cheerful grin.

"And the vibrator...I bought that not to long ago...you know how it is"

"No, No I understand the vibe...I mean...sorry. No need to explain" I laughed

He giggles and hugged me again "I got you.Thank you for understanding Benji, you have no idea how good it feels to come out like this"

"Yeah of course, like I said you can tell me anything" I said hugging him back before letting him go "Let's go get some drinks then; tonight we celebrate your birthday late"

"Who knows maybe we'll find you a girlfriend finally" Charli joked "But I have to get ready first, change my clothes" then he got up and went to the bedroom to get changed.

I waited for him at the door; he come out wearing just a comfortable red flannel shirt over a white shirt and black adidas track pants with white platform shoes to make him seem

a bit taller that he was. His hair was down and touched down to his shoulders with diamond studs in his ears.

"How do I look?" he said with a smile

"You look great man, are you ready?" I replied as we left out together

"I think we can walk to the bar from here that way we can catch a ride home and it will be cheaper" he said skipping beside me

I shook my head and chuckled "You seem happy" I said

"Mhm!" he replied; he was full of energy and happiness as he usually was

Eventually we got to the bar and sat down at the bar on a couple of super comfortable stools; it was dark with a pink neon sign that flashed "Kiss" with smelled of cigarettes burning

my nostrils; there was loud rock music playing and a few guys were gathered around the pool table showing a ditsy little biker girl leaned over the table in a short skirt how to shoot.

"This is why I don't smoke. It stinks" I said covering my nose.

Then the bartender came up; she was hot...she had deep red hair and snake piercings.

She had deep blue eyes and looked good in a faux leather crop top; I could see her belly piercing and the tattoo on her side. She wore Faux leather leggings too that complimented her curves.

Then I thought about how much she stood out to me more than other girls I've crossed back in Miami after my ex.

"Excuse me." she said. "What can I get you two gentleman"

"Uh...I don't know exactly...I am new at drinking. Maybe something you suggest off of your sweet list?" said Charli

"I'll get your Devils Basement" I replied

She smiled "Coming right up big guy" then she winked at me as she turned to make our drinks

"Benji I'm nervous" Said Charli swinging his feet in front of him

"Don't worry Charli it's going to be fun" I reassured him

The bartender came back with our drinks placing them in front of us before leaning over the bar resting her head on one hand staring at me and taping her glitter black nails on

the glass top with the other. She had red lips and smelled really nice.

"Hi there" she said

"Hey" I said taking a shot

"I'm Ariel...I know ironic because my hair is red" she laughed

"Its beautiful actually, my name is Benjamin" I said with a charming smile; the more I looked at her the prettier she got.

The more I drank, the more I got to know her ,and the more I wanted her as we talked for about an hour and a half and four or five Devils in.

I was feeling a little tipsy and decided to ask for her number which she happily gave to me.

"You know." I began...I don't live in New York but Miami"

Ariel smiled "Oh yeah? Wow I have never been to Miami before"

"Benji I have to use the bathroom" Charli whined, he appeared to be already drunk and only half way through his second drink.

"Excuse me, I will be right back" I said as Ariel nodded; I then guided Charli to the bathroom. I sighed and waited outside of the stall. Were he threw up everything that he drank...

maybe drinking was somewhat not the greatest idea.

"Charli?" I called knocking on the door hearing him choke and cry

"Benji I don't want to drink....home please!" he whined and sobbed puking more

I sighed "Give me a moment Charli just keep puking, you will be fine.

I will get you water" I said walking back out to the bar where Ariel was pouring drinks for some of the other guys at the bar cat calling at her.

Something about her was smooth and made her even more attractive; I watched as she arm wrestled one of the guys and won too! She seemed so dangerous but smart about the danger she got into.

I could be entirely wrong but with a few drinks and some neon lights good girls will make the devil want to have ice tea.

"Hey bad boy" she winked "How's your friend? Is he still puking?"

I nodded "Do you have a water bottle? I'll pay for it" I asked as she shook her head saying that it was on her and to just get him home safe.

I replied with an "Ok, thank you" and left to check on Charli who was still miserable. At least I got her number am I right?

"Hope you feel better Benjamin's friend" Ariel called as I pretty much carried Charli out of the bar who was piss drunk. I don't know how...

you'd think maybe somebody bugged his drink but no, he's just really, really bad at holding his alcohol. Drinking really isn't his thing.

"I hate this!" he whined and flailed his arms like a child pouting and throwing up a few times on the walk home. Getting up the stairs was a nightmare!

"Alright Charli we have to go inside now" I said as he clung to me, his legs wrapped around my waist. Oh boo, it was the only way I could get him up the stairs so don't romanticize the situation.

"I don't wanna Belehh!-" and he puked on me...great...

I unlocked the door and carried him straight to the bathroom where I took off my soiled shirt running a hot bath.

I sat Charlie up on the sink where he just complained about the light being so bright and how bad he felt.

I helped him out of his shirt and his pants showing the Koi fish tattoo that I had no idea he had on his hip"No...my undies. Benjamin can't see me naked" he whined flailing his arms again.

"Charli you have to get undressed, it's ok I am a guy to" I said pulling down his underwear and getting him into the tub.

He splashed at the water and whined more "Benjamin I'm sleepy" he complained; I just shook my head and started cleaning him up.

"Yeah I know lets just get you cleaned up" I sighed

Then the most unusual thing happened to me...his lips were on mine. I couldn't move; he tasted sweet and intoxicating...No! I pushed him away wiping my mouth.

What the fuck just happened? How do I respond to that? He kissed me...he's drunk and he's not aware of what he's doing that's all, I thought.

After I got Charli cleaned up I put him to bed and quietly shut the door; his taste lingered on my tongue...fuck. I just need to forget about it; it was an accident. I need to calm down.

I need to wash up, maybe a shower would clear my head and help relax me, I thought.

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