Why do we want, what we can't have?
Why do we want, what we can't have? depressed stories

liftmeup Just feeling too much..
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Why do we want, what we can't have?

And why do we keep, what we don't want?

Why do we keep pretending we're okay?

And why don't we take risks, we just escape?

Why do we keep us self in this pain?

Why do we expect so much, but do nothing ourself?

Why do we ignore people, that we really want to stay with?

How did the world become this depressed?

Everyone has their own pain

But we pretend we don't, because we don't want to complain.

And we don't want to lose who we have, because we think can't get new friends.

Everyone seems so lonely, but they don't contact you again

They just imagine the life they want, afraid to make mistakes

But if we're all in the same boat, why don't we change it?

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