I try to make other friends
I try to make other friends love stories

liftmeup Just feeling too much..
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I try to make other friends

But I see nobody else

I'm here all alone, so I need it

But I'm not interested in anyone

Not that I ignore people

I just don't try

Because all I see is you

All I think about is you

All I dream about is you

I scream at you to get out of my head!

I'm telling myself, that we are only friends

But a little while.. And there you sneak in again

I would ask you to get in OR out.

But I can't ask you anything.

It drives me insane.

All I want is people in my life.

And now everyone is transparent to me

And there you are, shining like a star

Grinning from afar

Go away. Don't hurt me. But please stay But don't hurt me But I like you But you can just leave. But I.. Just want to be with you

I hate you. But. No. I like you. But we are just friends. But. I love you. No, i mean.. ARH!

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