Two dimensional
Two dimensional life stories

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Don't you know, Everything we see is two dimensional.

Two dimensional

Don't you know,

Everything we see is two dimensional.

But that doesn't mean it's black and white,

In this complex world we may lose sight.

Now hidden treasures we may seek,

They make the world look much less bleak.

Now with head in hands,

We search the sands.

Like an ostrich with its head in the ground,

These treasures in the dirt amounts.

The wonders of the world are lost,

Be it the mayans, seen as rubbish tossed!

"Life is boring" Ha! What a lie,

To remember this, a knot on my finger I must tie.

The birds and bees do so much great,

This enchanting vector we can't slate.

Day in day out these rules we set,

These goals we believe, that must be met.

"Do this! Do that!" That's what they say,

Who really makes these rules anyway.

My doubts in these I must confess,

Their importance to me becoming less.

A homosapien believing all they read,

Do they really understand their own needs?

Blinded by politics, news and lies,

Like a computer with code, on rules this man relies.

But hey! What ever helps you find zen,

Because after all we are but human.

Into the dirt we decompose,

From this, new life, has always arose.

When we're all gone who will remember,

If you were born may, June or September.

But if you're happy, who really cares?

We cannot let things like this scare us.

The words that you have spoke,

When you've rolled your cig and had a toke.

Are they real? Are they a dream?

Please universe be as wonderful as you seem.

Don't let the red skies in the morning,

Be something bad, don't be a warning.

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