The Disconnected

The Disconnected weareallone stories

lifeoflozCommunity member
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My first share. Its about the disconnection of society.

The Disconnected

When did we become so disconnected, how did we grow so cold. Were we simply doing what others do or doing as we were told.

Stranger danger on the street, stranger danger online, don’t talk to the person standing next to you in the grocery line.

Our heads bowed down afraid to see, who may want to connect with thee.

Our hearts longing to connect but not knowing what to expect. We guard our hearts with our lives, as if protecting it from jaggered knives.

But if we open our hearts to those we meet, we might be open to receiving life’s beautiful treat.

You see we are all the same, running from fear and playing the game but longing to be loved just the same.

We are all one but have become so separated and this has left some feeling a little frustrated.

“Love is all you need” as McCartney used to say and this is what the world still needs to this very day.

Let’s come from a place of love to all we meet, in your home, work or even on the street.

Love is the answer to get us back from disconnect. So lets spread more love and make the effort to reconnect.

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