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death death are thou near friend

death death

are thou near

i seek thou not

but thou i fear

taking lives is what thou do

but may i ask thou takes permission from who

from whence do thou come and how did thou become

a deathful death may i say

rather obscure but rather gay

thou take away people on thy shay

so far away like a never ending day

oh death where does the journey end

is it painful and what is there to mend

is it slow or is it fast

like a striking lightning or like a spun out game of chess

are thou gregarious

can mine own self be thine compeer

or do thou think i m too mere

thou shalt not mince words

if thou think i shalt be belittled hath it loud

death death

are we near

the ending billow of lifeless smear

mudded with brimstone

of sunny grounds

thou shalt dig where mine own body will lie

lifeless under grounds of the highest sky

ere thou go, hie not, slow !

laud me not

but hold the thought

of thy journey and mine

but if thou visit my dears haply

pass them this

i miss them baldly

make them not plain over me

but happy, blissful and is what they are ought to be

death death

this how our journey ends

so i say to you my goodbye

my friend

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