Mister Umbrella Man
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life_of_krismore a poet than a writer I guess
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A split second decision. Now or never. She is getting off the bus.

My first attempt at a short story

Mister Umbrella Man

There she was, my reason for riding bus, standing in that red coat of hers, ready to get off the bus. The bus comes to a halt by her stop, but she is still struggling with her umbrella.

She can't seem to get it open, and it's pouring outside. She looks out the door and sighs. She ready's herself to jump out and make a run for it.

I look at the umbrella in my hand, not nearly big enough for two people. A split second decision. Without hesitation, I make a run for it.

Before I can stop myself, I am next to her, umbrella open.

She stops and looks at me in shock. My thoughts reach my body. What am I doing? This is weird. I don't even know her. My thoughts are hitting me a thousand miles an hour.

But then she smiles her brilliant smile and thanks me. The thoughts all melt away.

I walk next to her, keeping her under the small umbrella. I am soaked within seconds. Every few seconds her brown eyes look towards me.

I keep my eyes down, only stealing glances every couple of seconds too.

"Get under here." she says after a few minutes of walking. Before I could reply, her hand reaches out and pulls me in close to her, we pause for a second.

She flushes red and I feel my face warming up. We walk against each other, till we reach her apartment building.

She looks for her keys in her bag, while I keep the rain from her. She is taking awfully long to find them, although they are clearly visible from my sight. She finally finds them.

She tucks a strand of black hair behind her ear and looks up at me.

"Would you like a cup of coffee, Mister Umbrella Man?" she looks at me hopefully.

My heart pounds in my chest and neck.

"Yes please, and it's John" I answer nervously.

"Jane." she answers back with a smile.

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