A view from the mirror
A view from the mirror sad stories

life_of_krismore a poet than a writer I guess
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A poem as seen from a mirror about a young, innocent girl growing up, till her death.

A view from the mirror

She looks at me tucks her hair behind her ears giggles, pulls a funny face then leaves, filled with joy, no fears

She looks at me tears running down her tiny face She shows me her elbow She fell off, in which was her last ever bicycle race

She looks at me puts on her mom's make-up and strikes a pose she pauses, stares for a while and for the first time, notice her imperfect nose

She looks at me naked, with a disease of which no one knows she swallows her finger and out of her a river of self hatred flows

She looks at me door locked, swallows a bottle of pills this is the last not a want for "attention" not a seek for "thrills"

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