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life_hurtsI'm young, ambitious and dull.
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Well, thoughts ya.


Why did I join this.

Well I'm not very good at other things.

I write because I want an escape and I wanted to share that feeling with others. Something I can't do through words coming from my mouth but with words coming from my finger tips.

It brings me a smile sometimes reading my own I guess work or reading others.

I want to be someone in life, I mean we all do. We all have dreams and mine have always bounced around a lot. From wanting to go into the military to wanting to get into music or gaming.

Now I find myself listening to relax music while I write these words down.

It brings me to a state of bliss and into a void of happiness just surrounded by my own happy thoughts.

It's pure bliss and I wish to stay in it forever. I wish to show people the bliss as well.

To show them that life might hurt and might be terrible at points and times but if you get a hold of a good read. You might as well get into it.

Because after all we all want happiness don't we.

No one wants to be depressed, people want to smile and team up with others so they can make more and more people smile. Regardless of race, sexual orientation everything.

Just remember we are all humans and we all have the desire to be happy.

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