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life_hurtsI'm young, ambitious and dull.
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Just thoughts again.


Life is never as easy as people say even when you are grown and strong life always finds a way to take you off your high horse, let it be false promises,

to a broke heart to losing someone special.

I remember being young back then no thoughts in mind only thinking of what I wish to do for myself and not for others but as time progresses you begin to see that everything you ever wanted

to do was to please others to grab others attention and make them proud of you or even appreciate you.

But that's not what life is about, life is simply a quiz and growing up was the lesson.

When I was in elementary school everything was different it was never about passing grade,

or how many answers you got right but simply about having fun and connecting with your world but nowadays that sense of wonder that sense of feeling has just withered itself away into

the dark complexion that is the mind.

As you grow older light seems distant, darkness seeps in around you, you start to think differently.

In middle school I remember I was eager, I was growing up, I wanted to learn but I wanted to do it in my way.

A rebellious way some say, but in all that time those short three years I learned a lot just from meeting new people to even discovering old friends.

In high school I wanted a sense of belonging a sense of feeling, I was curious about the other groups of children and how they would react according to others.

Throughout my life I admit I was a eager child, lots of friends, lots of opportunity, lots of child heart, afterwards it slowly seeps into darkness and I became disconnected from reality.

I was going through an emotional phase, I was more nervous, more cautious. I never wanted to offend anyone or hurt anyone I always wanted to try my best to make people smile and laugh.

I loved doing it. It made me feel wanted even if some jokes were corny.

Nowadays I sit down and look back at my life, I always take a minute to even ten to rethink everything I have done and what I could do to improve myself.

Everyday I relax I let the time go by until nighttime where I am alone with no one around, sitting in my room.

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