A Quick Chat With Beverly Go
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lifeLife is a great opportunity
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A Quick Chat With Beverly Go

Don't care too much about what other people think

Care about how things make you feel

If something makes you feel excited, then lean into it

Do more of it

Make friends with people who also support you and like you for you

You shouldn't need to pretend to be somebody you shouldn't just to make friends

These days, I do just a few simple things that make me happy

I take an hour every day for myself

No matter how much work I have, I take a breather and just relax

The biggest life hack ever is to do visualizations

Our body's feelings and chemical compositions change depending on our state and surroundings

If you visualize yourself doing something, it'll put your body into that state as well

So if you need confidence, imagine a memory you have where you were confident before walking into your meeting

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