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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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I wrote this soon after I had to put my dog down. Her name was Willow she was everything to me. Without her I wouldn't have got as far in life as I have.


You brought me the happiest times of my life,

Even through the toughest of struggles,

Whenever I felt I couldn’t go on,

You were there to give me snuggles,

My memories of you will be forever cherished,

Even if some make my heart weep,

Every moment we had together,

Touched my soul somewhere deep,

The feeling of your coat against my cheek,

The knowing look of your big brown eyes,

You were always there for me,

My black dog with silver sides,

You’ve been the perfect daughter to me,

Always bringing me much pride,

Although you’re not next to me,

I feel your soul by my side,

My soulmate and love of my life,

I’ll always look up to you in the sky,

You were the best of all of us,

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye.

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