Dying Happy
Dying Happy gunshot stories
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Death happens, but you can always die happy. Knowing that you attained all you need in life. The
Love and respect of the one you love and respect. Look for happiness in every step of your life and never turn down an opportunity for it.

Dying Happy

Pain seared through my heart, but I did not die. It was so painful but some force kept me alive. My body was numb and my ears were ringing.

I stared at the smoking barrel of her shotgun, jaw dropped in awe. I slowly raised my gaze to meet hers, and it was akin to staring into a mirror.

Her face mimicked mine, and it was then I told myself she knew no more than I did. She expected me to die, and could I blame her... it is the way of things. Things die.

If you fire a shotgun into someones chest, they die. Simple logic, but logic was not here.

I took a step forward and reached out to her. I wanted to say I was sorry, if I could take back what I did I would, but it was only a matter of time.

Eventually someone always has to do something. If it was not now it would have been later, and if only it was. Then it was simpler.

We spent time together, we laughed, we smiled and all was good. Ya, maybe I wanted more, but it was fine the way it was.

I could handle the small pain and urges to just spend all that time together happily.

The real pain, the pain from the cavity in my chest died down. My body slowly became aware of other things. The heat of the room, the cool sweat on my brow. The memory of her lips against mine.

Sounds returned also, but again slowly and there was nothing too loud. We were both panting heavily, her more than me. I was more or less fine, just like I had been winded.

She however was panicking, hyperventilating and her eyes were filled with regret.

She drops the gun and the sound of its metal against the pavement was louder than any shotgun round fired. She started to collapse and I caught her, barely holding her up.

Tears flow down her cheek and all she does is stare, and all I do is stare back.

We do nothing but stare for a few seconds but when it is over my eyes close and something hits the back of my head. My eyes snap open and I see the ceiling, and she is staring down at me.

She is screaming bloody murder, but sound slips away from me again. I feel nothing and I slowly loose everything. I am dying now. Nothing changes.

Death will happen, just sometimes the universe gives you that last moment of life. If you truly deserve it.

At least I hope, what else could have kept me alive with nothing but a hole where my heart was. I try to focus my eyes, and again I just stare into hers. She loves me.

I know why I was alive until now. I couldn't die, not without knowing that she really does love me.

My mind at peace I slip away finally. Darkness approaches from all sides. My vision collapses in on itself until all I see is her face.

Red and covered in tears, and twisted in panic she has definitely looked better in her life. Yet, I do not care, as I die all I think is how beautiful she is.

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