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Why can’t you give? What’s holding you back?


Why can’t you give?

What’s holding you back?

Don’t you know

What you deserve?

Be free of all your rules

Be free of those chains

That pin you to the floor

Those invisible chains

Tough and rusted

Thick and strong

So strong you can’t even feel the pain anymore

Unhook them, my friend

Unhook those chains

That your father lain down

In order to protect you and himself

Those chains that grow stronger and deeper

With each new heartbreak

Upon his death

You took them

And dug them so deep into the ground

That they tighten with every breath

To feel closer

To feel the pain he lived with

To feel him in the ground

Why do you do this to yourself?

You’re killing yourself slowly

My friend

Suffocating in the chains you built

You need to let go

I want to loosen those chains

Release you

But you made those chains so strong

Like you

Tough enough no one can release you

Yes, you are protected now

From everything

From everyone

From me

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