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lexi_priestSemi happy girl who keeps to herself.
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this is a thanks to you

Thanks to you

Tokumei, this is a thanks to you, for everything you have done, you stopped me from thinking suicidal

You helped me out when I need you the most, when I was down you could easily sense it.

If you didn't say something that day I said "I wanna die.

" Well then I would've been dead but no instead you spoke up, you teach me what life is about and many other things I never learned or felt.

You helped me realize how meaningful life is and how important I am to others.

I am forever grateful that I met you, and I hope I never lose you. If I lost you I would go insane maybe even kill myself.

Tokumei, I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I will never forget you or leave you.

(Author speaking: tokumei helped me three weeks ago when I was thinking suicidal thoughts, she spoke up and said keep living I don't want you to die.

She's taught me many things I now cherish and ever want to forget. If she died, I would go back to being nothing and forgetting what life is and why I have to stay alive.

Normally I never write something like this, but it shows how thankful I am to her and I can't forget about my own followers and readers,

you guys have also helped me stay alive and be positive by reading my stories, commenting, and liking it.

There is one thing I can say to you guys and that is I love you all so much and I hope you never kill yourself, cause life is meaningful and you are important just like I am.😁😊

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